R004 – 42″ x 12′, 285 psi Horizontal Separator Portable P-Tank


This is a 42″ x 12′, 285 psi Horizontal Separator Portable P-Tank.

Restore your sour wells’ production with Roska’s mobile blowdown vessel (P-Tank), unloading liquid-loaded wells by blowing down water, gases and hydrocarbon liquids in situations where venting is not permitted. Gas and water are routed into the integrated pressure vessel and separated. The gas is then routed to our accompanying stack for flaring, while the water is trucked out.

This unit is also used for:

    • Bleeding off hydrated pipelines;
    • Flushing liquids out of a wet pipeline; and
    • Pipeline chemical inhibitor batch treating

The unit is operated by a trained, qualified Roska crew.

See specification sheet for more details.

R004 Mobile P-Tank Spec Sheet





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