Roska is a customer-focused operations company with 29-year track record offering solutions that include both Operations People and Process Equipment. One of these “solutions” is   “Pipeline Pulldowns” ,  in the last 10 years Roska has conserved more than 2.8 BCF of gas using high HP gas compression to pulldown transmission lines for our customers.

We build strong relationships by following our core values and work hard to align ourselves with our customers’ interests. Roska’s unique combination of operations capabilities and services forms a business model that is unique within the Canadian energy services sector.

We are Operations People with Process Equipment Technically backed and Ready to Go, including Compression for Gas Conservation.

Roska DBO is proud to offer Canada’s most complete lineup of rental processing equipment. Count on our equipment to be field-ready, trouble-free, and flexible for any purpose.

Roska rents the major equipment you expect, like separators, pumps, and generators. As well as all the associated items, like piping, valves, instrumentation and controls.

  • Fit-for-service; with up-to-date drawings, maintenance records and inspection reports.
  • Sour rated to 2 percent H2S is standard on most items.
  • Well suited for unplanned outages or accelerating production from oil or gas resource plays like the Montney, Duvernay Cardium, Wilrich and Falher.
  • Exceed legislated codes and standards and built to Roska’s own specifications.
  • Incorporates the industry’s “must-have” features, with flexibility for add-ons, such as Coriolis meters and gas detection.