CB04 Chameleon 2500 Oil Battery with VRU Compressor


Eliminate months of lead time on your next early production facility.

This Roska solution is an industry first: a ready-to-go, highly portable package with an integrated vapour recovery unit. The Chameleon 2500TM enables the producer to bring high-rate, multi-phase wells (gas, oil, NGL) on-stream quickly and cost-efficiently. Driven by a market need to bring on early production from a single or multi-well site with trucked-out oil production. The Chameleon 2500TM fulfills these needs while meeting today’s tighter restrictions on flaring and venting. The Chameleon 2500TM brings together on a single skid what previously took 5-6 pieces, each requiring sourcing, engineering, transport and field assembly.

This ready-to-go solution is well-suited to exploration well pads in high-rate unconventional plays such as the Duvernay and Montney.

See attached specification sheet for more details.

CB04 Chameleon 2500 Spec Sheet

Chameleon PLOT PLAN

Sweet/Sour Specification on Major Equipment

Compressor Level 2 Sour (Greater than 2% H2S)
Vessels Sour
Piping Sour
Coolers Sour