400 Barrel Storage Tank, 12′ diameter x 20′ high (Quantity 28 Available)


These are sweet and sour 400 bbl API 12F Modified production storage tanks. We have 28 tanks available in our inventory.

Field-ready and packed with special features, Roska tanks are: 1) Heated & Insulated. 2) Flat bottoms. 3) High Level Shutdown Switch. 4) Ground-level VRU connection. 5) Enviro-Vault, with internal truck-out valves, preventing freeze-up, and a drip-safe connection for truckers. 6) Optional Sour service seals. 7) Optional dual thief hatches for pressure-release in the event of over-pressure. 8) Optional blanket regulators.  You can also add a pressure vacuum relief valve (PVRV), a higher grade of thief hatch that handles more volatile light oil or condensate-rich oil.

See specification sheet for more details.

R299A Spec Sheet


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