R001 – 12m3 Portable Blowdown Tank


This is a 12 m^3 blowdown tank.

Simple operations tool to capture liquids, often used for pipeline pressure tests to bleed test pressure and capture the hydrotest water. Also used to de-pressure a pipeline and resolve a hydrate. Regains production from wells that are loaded up with water and other liquids.

This trailer-mounted Roska-designed solution comes with pressure piping and is light enough to be towed by a pickup truck. The unit is operated by a trained, qualified Roska production specialist. Its simplicity and mobility enable a Roska team to service up to half-a-dozen wells in a day.

  • For sour blowdowns requiring vapour recovery, see our mobile P-Tanks

See specification sheet for more details.

R001 Mobile Blowdown Spec Sheet






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