HTC003 – 1305 psi, 50 HP Air Cooler


This is a 1305 psi, 50 HP Air Cooler. Specification sheet to be available soon.

Heat Load: 6,750,000 BTU/HR

o Maker: AXH Air Coolers
o Model: 144 ZFR
o DP: 9000kPag @150C/-45C
o Fins: Aluminum HI-Efficient Type
o Tube: 1” OD x 16 BWG
o 4 Tube Rows & 1 Tube Pass
o 274 Tubes per Section & 20 ft Long
o Fan:144” DIA. Moore 10K, 60 HD
o VT 8- Blade 11.7 in PA, LH Rotation
o 260 rpm @ 40.2 HP req’d by AXH
o Motor: TECO Westinghouse Electric Motor Drive
o Sheaves, Belts and Guards
o 50 HP/1800 rpm/3 PH/60 Hz/460 V
o TEFC, VFD, Class 1, Div 2
o Electric Motor

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