Hockey Pick-Em – etransfer donation and then register see full instructions below.

Roska has teamed with Kidsport to bring you a fun way to participate in a Hockey Pick-Em. Knowledge of hockey is an asset but not necessary. 

Donations are to be sent to   When completing the e-transfer please add your full name, email address and Hockey 2021/22 and total number of entries to ensure eligibility for prizes and registration. 

Hockey Pick-Em   Registration

Welcome fellow Hockey Enthusiasts or those of you that would like to join in the fun. 

To play in this Hockey Pick-Em all you need to do is pick the game winners for the week. Each week you will receive an email or you can login to your account and select the winners for that week.

Oilers Tickets to be won weekly by the entry with the most points earned that weekend. If there is a tie for the weekend a draw will be made.

The entry fee for the season is $20.00 this will be donated to Kidsport.  You may give multiple donations and enter as many times as you like.  If you enter more than once you will be able to select different match-ups and that entry may win the weekly Oilers Tickets prize. Each $20.00 paid allows you to enter 1 team and play that team every weekend for the season excluding playoffs.  You can pay an additional $20.00 and enter an additional team.

Please email any questions to 

This is an opportunity to help a great organization and be involved in some fun competition.